Fight outside the ring: Manny Pacquiao described Floyd Mayweather as ‘insecure’ and ‘coward’

Eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao finally speaks up after many innuendos by American undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Filipino champ Pacquiao said that Mayweather is just coward and insecure because of his accomplishments as a boxer.

Pacquiao stressed he tried to understand the American pound-for-pound king for many times but he thinks push has come to shove.

“Mayweather is just a coward, insecure and envy my accomplishments," Pacquioa said in an interview. "I don't like to bite his gimmicks and I just want to understand him, although it's too much. But I'm really thankful that he always remembers me in some ways."

Earlier, Mayweather called Pacquiao as “desperate dog” for demanding to fight him.

Floyd Jr. said he offered $40 million for their mega fight in 2012 but allegedly the Filipino ring icon rejected the offer and insisted for 50/50 share as fight purse.

Both of them denied the reports that they had a done-deal for their anticipated fight this September. 



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