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Tired being in your office making paper work? Tired of your boss’ questions and requests like these and that? Well, maybe it’s already sink...

Tired being in your office making paper work? Tired of your boss’ questions and requests like these and that? Well, maybe it’s already sinking in your mind the reality that being an employee in a corporate world is not really meant for you. It’s about time to open your eyes to the possibility of being your own boss.

After quitting the job, you may think that it is the best way to start a company- a business that will surely hone your skills and expand your horizon in way that would make your career less boring than before. But the question is, how will you create a company if you don’t have any idea on how to start one?

 Know your concept

First, you need to clarify your concept. Ask yourself, what do you want to do with your company? What will be the objective of your company? What do you want to offer to people?

These questions are basically, the initial requirements that you need to analyze when you want to start your company or business. It’s better if you’ll outline detail by detail your idea from a customer or user’s perspective. Write whatever you want, as long as it will create advantage to your company. Making a detailed list makes it easier for you to check what you really want to your business.

 Explore and research on your concept

Do not be afraid to explore the internet to look for additional information and resources to help you in building your concept. Your concept may look perfect to you and to your friends but, does it make sense to other people particularly to your target customers? Are there any companies which are creating or working on same ideas?

 Create a working name

After researching on what you want to happen with your company or business, it is now the time to create a name for it. Think of something related to a product or business you will cater to your customers, something unique or catchy. Choose a name that will have a recall every time they will think of your product.

Know your team

It is so cliché to tell you that no man is an island but building  your company isn’t really easy if you are alone. Define your team by looking for people who can throw ideas and make it work for your company.  You may ask help to your trusted friends but they should be knowledgeable and can offer thoughts on improving and achieving your goals.

Create a network

Go out and meet other entrepreneurs. There are several organizations and entrepreneurs who are willing to help and inspire you on how to make your company or business effective. If you already launched your business, make them more excited about your concept. Through these people, you can gain a large network or connections in order to spread or advertise your company.

Look for a mentor

One of the most powerful assets you can have in entrepreneurship is a mentor. There should be someone who can teach you how to be successful, someone who you can look up to. Find a way to connect with the people who have larger ideas and experience so you can apply it to your own company.

All these steps and tasks are just basics on how to start a company. If you want to be more successful, focus on what you want to achieve. Focus on what you want to reach. Remember, starting a company is not easy- for sure you will commit mistakes. But, mistakes are just there to test your willingness to learn and to be successful, just try to focus. 


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