Miriam Quiambao: ‘shall not ignite sexual desires’ before wed

MANILA, Philippines- Actress-beauty queen Miriam Quiambao explained her “purity pledege” with fiancé Roberto "Ardy" Roberto.

Quiambao said they promised not to make love before their wedding as part of her gift to future husband who is a Christian motivational speaker.

According to 1999 Miss Universe first runner up, they engaged to this agreement to be responsible in their liabilities and to protect their purity.

In her Instagram account, Quiambao said that they will try to make this pledge happen and asking for prayers and support from their church.

On her account, the “vow” stated that "Let it be known that I, Ardy Roberto aka Mr. Pogi, and I, Miriam Quiambao, aka Ms. U, vow before God to protect each other's purity from this day onwards until the day, by God's grace that we are wed. Therefore, we shall not engage in any act that shall ignite sexual desires or passions prematurely, such as passionate kissing (lips-to-lips), pheromone sniffing or foreplay. The only expressions of affection allowed are: kissing on the cheek, holding hands and hugging or "akbay." I, Ardy Roberto, promise to take the lead in this purity pledge and protect you, Miriam Quiambao, and your testimony. So help us God! In Jesus' name”.

Meanwhile, Quiambao ignored any criticisms after posting the “purity pledge”.

According to her, it’s not her intention to show it to the public and never expected to make a news out of it.

She mentioned that the only thing she wants is to have a marriage that will lasts forever unlike what happened to her Italian ex-husband Claudio Rondinelli that ended in divorce.

Earlier, Quiambao also announced on her Instagram account her engagement to Roberto wherein she posted a photo collage including their pictures, bouquet and engagement ring.

In 2009, she revealed her failed marriage with Rondinelli and experienced verbal abuse.

Quiambao shared that her ex-husband admitted about infidelity over the phone by having an affair with younger woman.



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