Is it about time for Pauleen and Bossing Vic to get married?

Actress-TV host Pauleen Luna admitted for the first time that she and boyfriend Vic Sotto are talking about getting married.

According to 25-year old actress, despite these talks still they are not serious plans and just want to enjoy the relationship with comedian-host.

Luna also stressed that she is contented in Sotto’s arms and they are very open to each other. She said they are not obliging each other about things.

Sotto on the other hand stated that he is considering himself marrying Luna in the future.

He said in an interview he will soon come up in that situation but so far, it’s still not in his mind.

Rumors before were spreading on alleged Luna and Sotto’s secret wedding in Macau but the two denied it.

Is it about time for Pauleen and Bossing Vic to get married?


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