Ex-Brazilian footballer’s head, discovered in wife’s doorstep

Brazil authorities are still puzzle about the grisly death of former professional football player João Rodrigo Silva Santos, October 29, 2013.

The shocked wife of Santos, Geisha Silva, made the horrible discovery as she found out her husband’s head in their doorstep.

Police said that victim’s head was inside a backpack while his eyes and tongue had been cut out.

Earlier, Santos was reported kidnapped by suspected drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro and didn’t come home for two days.

Allegedly, unidentified persons grabbed Santos, 35, after leaving his store in Realengo district.

In an interview, Police chief executive Rafael Rangel said that even the victim’s wife has no idea on who would possibly do this since neither of them encountered threats that would lead to said killing.

So far, police are continuously conducting investigation to find out the identity of suspects and the possible motive on this crime.

 Santos played as forward from 1996 to 2005, particularly for the teams Bangu and Nacional ane eved outside Brazil such as Olimpia (Honduras) and Oster Vaxjo (Sweden). 

Meanwhile, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) already expressed their deep sadden about the incident.

They also emphasized their concerns on the alleged gang activity inside Brazilian football that caused incidents such as kidnapping.

Based on reports, there were loved ones of players that were kidnapped by gangs as part of their alleged extortion for bigger fund.



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