Albie Casiño on Andi Eigenmann: ‘She’s none of my business’

Actor Albie Casiño stressed does not want to give any comment about the status of his ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann.

Albie said it’s not his business to care about reports saying that Manila Mayor Erap Estrada is not in favor with Andi to be Jake Ejercito’s (Erap’s son) girlfriend.

The actor said he is not in the position to give any comment about it and he wished good luck to her ex girlfriend.

Lately, Andi cleared it up that she does not want to give any label with her relationship with Jake.

Meanwhile, Albie stressed that he is focusing right now with his career and family. He said he feels it’s better not to give time with his love life.

Andi on the other hand said in an interview that she doesn't need to rebuild her relationship with Albie.

Do you think its about time for Albie Casiño to find another love?



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