Filipino GM Wesley So, defeats Netherland bet in 76th Tata Steel

Filipino Grandmaster (GM) Wesley So has earned a good place in 76th Tata Steel as he defeated his contender in 9th round at Tournament Masters in Amsterdam.

So won over his opponent Loek Van Wely, a Dutch GM through 41-moves.

The Bacoor, Cavite’s pride is now at the 7th place after being stagnant 8th place.

Meanwhile, Armenian super GM and former champion Levon Aronian is still in top place after garnering 7.0 points.

Filipino bet’s next opponent will be world number 45 Pentala Harikrishna of India. Both of them lost in round 9 and earned 5.0 points.

So was named as grandmaster when he was 14 and considered as number 28 world chess grandmasters based on the latest 2014 FIDE ratings.

On what place will GM Wesley So take this year?



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