(Update) Miss World Chair, child suffer fracture in Haiti as stage collapsed

HAITI- Miss World Chairman Julia Morley is still in hospital after stage collapsed in Haiti, Thursday, October 31, around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Morley and Miss World 2013 Megan Young visited orphanage housing in Port Au Prince Haiti when the accident occurred.

Reports said that around 20 children rushed to Young after amazement of her Miss World crown until the floor collapsed.

Morley was stuck there for few hours while waiting for stretcher and medical help until immediately brought to hospital through an ambulance.

Medical results showed that Morley suffered fracture in her hip.

Aside from Miss World CEO, one of the children named Jonathan was hurt and landed eight to 10 feet below and was also hit by debris.

Doctors said they already managed Jonathan’s leg from further injury after being fractured.

Meanwhile, Morley is now in Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami after Air Ambulance flown her from Haiti.

Surgeons already completed Morley’s operation and able to cure her hips though they revealed before that the accident brought a lot of soft tissue damage.

So far, surgeons advised her to rest and undergo therapy for her full recovery.

Young however, did not sustain any injury and prays for Morley’s fast recovery.

Raw footage before the floor collapsed was also captured and now circulating in social networking sites.



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