Chinese man cuts off penis because of zero love life

BEIJING, China – A man in China is now in full regret after cutting his male organ.

Based on reports, 26 year old Yang Hu of Jiaxing province was so depressed when he decided to cut his private part.

Yang is believed to be saddened for not being lucky in love.

He said he was so fed up for not having a love life or girlfriend and decided to chop his penis thinking he can’t use it.

Thinking of his mistake, Yang chose to reattach it by going to hospital.

However, the doctors were all shocked when they found out that Yang forgot his severed organ.

Doctors said when Yang returned to the hospital, he had lost too much blood and cannot save his penis anymore.

Yang works in a clothing factory after moving in Zhejiang province in China and doubted himself to meet a woman so he chose to spend his long hours for work.



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