Toronto mayor on drug video: ‘I will not resign!’

TORONTO – Toronto Canada mayor defies call for resignation despite police confirms they have video caught him smoking crack cocaine.

Mayor Rob Ford, 44, said that he has no reason to step down from his position and denied the accusation.

Police reports show they discovered the video from a computer hard drive that was confiscated when they conducted a drug investigation.

In an interview, Police Chief William Blair said the incident was reported before to their office but refused to give further details or description about the video.

In May, reports circulated regarding the video of Ford through the website Gawker and the Toronto Star newspaper.

After the spread of said report, Ford’s friend and driver Alexander Lisi was charged with drug trafficking.

Police are monitoring photos and information showing Ford and Lisi together.

Meanwhile, Blair said they are disappointed with the video and considering it now as a problem in the city.

He assured they will present this video in court and will continue monitoring Ford to prop the evidence and file charges against the official.



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