Jinggoy Estrada on his US ‘arrest’: Absolutely NOT True

MANILA, Philippines- “This is absolutely not true”.

This has been how Senator Jinggoy Estrada informed the public amid the spreading news in social networking sites regarding his alleged arrest in United States.

In his message late Monday night, Estrada said “My staff just called me at 5:00 am to inform me that there is an article circulating in Facebook that I have been arrested in the US for bringing in huge amount of US$. That is absolutely not true”.

The official also said that the story is so incredible since he met number of Filipinos there and took pictures of him.

The said story of arresting Estrada started to circulate in Facebook through the website “So, What's News?” (SWN).

SWN is a satirical and fictional news website that aims to bring humor into current issues.

However, the article “Jinggoy Estrada Arrested after Trying to Smuggle Money inside His Breasts to US” gathered different reactions from netizens.

Some stated that the article is somehow ‘stupid’ since the details of the story can never happen in US while the others said Filipinos do not deserve this kind of jokes amid authorities’ hard time on investigating plunder case.

Meanwhile, some Filipinos made fun of it and wished that the story was true since Estrada is already facing a plunder charge due to alleged pork barrel scam.

Last Saturday, November 2, 2013 Estrada decided to leave for US and stayed for awhile there.

He said he needs to ask for second opinion regarding Precy (Jinggoy’s wife) who is now facing a health problem.

Malacanang Palace agreed to Estrada’s flight abroad with Department of Justice’s permission as long as he will return to face his case.



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