4 year old girl killed by dog after hearing fireworks

MOUNTSORREL, Leicestershire- A four year old girl died after mauled by a huge dog inside their home in Leicestershire weeks ago.

The victim named Lexi Hudson was then playing with a French Mastiff-cross dog named “Moulin” when it suddenly attacked her.

Reports said that the dog suddenly went ‘insane’ after being shocked by a firework in their neighbourhood.

However, Jodi, Lexi’s mother immediately ran to her daughter after hearing the screaming little girl.

According to some witnesses, Miss Hudson shouted for help while trying to pull the dog’s head from injured Lexi who was already bathed in her own blood.

Due to too much anger and tension since she failed to release the dog’s grip to Lexi’s body, she used a knife and stabbed the animal to death.

The 3o-year old mother of Lexi ran outside their house and asked for neighbours’ help while her hands and dress were covered with blood.

Lexi was rushed to Queen’s Medical Centre but died after few hours.

There were reports saying that Miss Hudson decided to adopt Moulin from animal charity and have been in their home for just four weeks.

The dog was said to suffer from abuse in the past however, Miss Hudson found the animal “soft” that’s why she decided to take care of it.

She became comfortable seeing Lexi and the dog in bed until shocked by the moment seeing Moulin attacking her daughter who she raised on her own.

Meanwhile, Leicestershire authorities said they will not arrest anyone regarding the incident but will continue to conduct investigation.



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