Privacy Policy

Daily Digital Digest values the  privacy of its visitors. We hereby disclose the information we received and collected from our visitors. ...

Daily Digital Digest values the privacy of its visitors. We hereby disclose the information we received and collected from our visitors.

Log Files

Daily Digital Digest uses log files. We may collect your internet protocol (IP) addresses, the type of browser you are using, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date/time stamp, referring domains and exit pages, and the clicks that you've made on our website. The purpose of which is to understand the behaviour of our audience and to improve our services. The information included in the log files does not mean that we are collecting any personal information such as your identity. 

Cookies and Web Beacons

Daily Digital Digest uses cookies. A cookie is a file being stored in your computer about your preferences from the website that you visit. You have the sole discretion if you would allow any website to store their cookies in your computer. Thus you may block or allow the cookies being sent by this website. 

DoubleClick DART Cookie

  • We accept advertisements from Google. They uses their own cookies to provide the ads on our website. As a user, you may opt out of DART cookie. Know more about this by clicking this link http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html.

Other Ad Network

Other third-party ad network may use similar technology on this website. Once you click on their banners, links, and other ad materials, they may know your IP address. They may also use their own cookies, JavaScript, and Web Beacons. This is to understand more the interest of the public when it comes to their advertising and marketing campaign.

Daily Digital Digest doesn't have any access or control these technologies being used by third-party advertisers but you may visit their privacy policy to understand more about your privacy and on how to opt out from these technologies. 

You may also tweak the settings of your browser in order to identify cookies which will be allowed to your computer or block other cookies. 

Email Address

We may collect your email address if you sign up to our forms. We would like to assure you that we respect your privacy. 

Personal Information and Usage

We can only collect personal details, emails, and other information about you if you would deliberately provide it to us through our sign up forms and opt ins form. We only use this to improve our website and to address any concern of our readers, and visitors. However, in legal point of view, we may disclose your personal information if the rule of law commands us to do so. 

Amendments and Revisions

We may amend or revise this privacy policy with or without prior notice. We assure you that your privacy and personal information will not be, in any way, be harmed, disclosed, or leaked in any way. 

You may reach us through the contact form provided below. 


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