Polish woman kills dozen cats for 'Frankenstein dog'

WARSAW, Poland- Almost 100 dead bodies of animals were discovered in a woman’s house in Warsaw, Poland while 72 malnourished cats were rescued.

Neighbors of the unnamed suspect complained to authorities due to odorous smell and cat sound from her house.

Police raided the woman’s house and found out that she is keeping almost 100 dead bodies of animals majority are cats in her freezer believed to be experimented.

Investigation shows that the woman is trying to create a new breed of animals particularly a Frankenstein dog.

The suspect is said to be sick in experiments using dozens of dead and alive animals.

Reports show that the woman was earlier banned from raising dogs since she became obsessed with experimenting to create a new breed of it.

However, disappointment came to authorities when they found out that the woman switched her attention to cats.

Meanwhile, rescued malnourished cats are now in animal welfare’s custody,

So far, the woman is facing charges due to animal cruelty as police confirmed that the animals were really abused for illegal experiment. 



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