A Digest on Link Baiting: A Definitive Guide by A Filipino SEO Expert

A Digest on Link Baiting: A Definitive Guide by A Filipino SEO Expert Topic: Link Baiting Sources: Matt Cutts and Jason Acidre Suit...

A Digest on Link Baiting: A Definitive Guide by A Filipino SEO Expert

Topic: Link Baiting
Sources: Matt Cutts and Jason Acidre
Suited For: Internet Marketer, SEO Professionals, Bloggers, and Online Publishers

Link Baiting as Matt Cutts defines it is anything that may tickle people’s interest. It should be “interesting enough to catch people’s attention”.

Is it bad?
Cutt says that it is not bad at all BUT he recommends that online publishers should focus more on creating high quality contents which are creative rather than being controversial. This approach will keep your reputation intact in the long run.
According to  Jason these are the old ways of Link Baiting:
          Guest Blogging
          Comment Marketing
          Profile Pages
          Forum Marketing
Is it still ok to Use these methods? YES. They are still as effective according to Jason.
What does he wants to innovate?
 Editorial Links – This is the type of link building with targeted traffic, high conversion rate, builds trust, authority, and power.

Nature of Editorial Links:
- Compelling Contents that attracts natural contents
- Linkers are mentioned in within the content
- Personal relationship with the content creator
- Linking to the content benefits to linker

Better link Baiter means
- Understand what types of content work in your niche/industry
- Observe how other successful publisher create their content
- what the target audience want
- focus on UNIQUE content "that people won't find elsewhere

Two Factors to be a link magnet:

Elements to Make a Content Link Worthy and Linkable:
1. Unexpected Hook
2. Usability
3. Evergreen

Tip: Write useful actionable guide

How to Do it: There are Four Processes

1. Keyword Research
2. Check Competitors Similar Content
3. Create a Draft (focus on aspects that can make your content more unique and comprehensive)
4. Identify Target Audience

Tip by Jason: Building Relationship is very important to get more audience by identifying influencers. Connect to influencers through social media, email, and etc.

1. Create a content that is hard to do and replicate
2. You need friends


1. Keyword research
2. Competitive analysis - analyze your competitor weakness and strength
3. Identify Audience - focus on authorities, they have the audience we want - Find out who share d their content - (identifying the sharers. Use Topsy.com)- Make a list of them

1. Build your content according to your research. Make it as comprehensive as possible by providing more content
2. Ask and network to expert to get validation. Express your personal take.
3. Make it as evergreen as possible
4. Unexpected hook - something that will make your visitors stay a little longer (think and be compelled a moment). Offer something that they won't find elsewhere.

1. Start with your Friends
2. If confident with your content, reach out to brands interacting with you or following you. (Start on social media, email list, and blog subscriber)
3. Linker Outreach - Reach out to people who really care about the topic. Email them.
Tip: don’t ask them to share your content, of they like it, they will share it.
4. Broken Link Building - find url that are dead or 404 and offer your link as a replacement to the page.
5. Join the discussion, use your content as the reference.
6. Paid ads - FB, SU, and Twitter
7. Optimize for search

SCALE Process
1. Update the content. Be the best content on the subject.
2. Target long tails after the update - use Google Analytics data, GWT, Google Keyword planner

3. Use strong call to actions and update it


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