Japan WWII soldier who hid in Phl island for 30 years, has died aged 91

TOKYO, Japan – Ninety-one year old Japanese soldier who hid in a Philippine island for three decades believing World War II was not over has died in Tokyo, Japan.

Hiroo Onoda hid in Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro until 1974 and refused not to surrender believing that the war was still not over.

Reports said that Onoda was fetched by his former commanding officer and brought him back to Tokyo.

Onoda was considered Japan’s hero as he stepped again in his homeland.

It is believed that the Japanese soldier was dispatched in said island in 1944 as an information officer and a guerrilla tactics coach. He was ordered not to resort in any suicidal attacks and never to surrender.

His existence together with two other soldiers became widely known in 1950 after one of them returned in their country and died while the other was killed in an encounter in 1972.

Onoda declined to surrender for many times despite information and leaflets provided by Japanese government.

It was in March 1974 when he decided to come along with his former commanding officer who visited him in his jungle hideout and ordered him to leave the place.

Onoda, wearing his tattered army uniform saluted to the Japanese flag and surrendered his Samurai sword.



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