51-year old Danish woman gang raped in India

NEW DELHI – Police in India are continuously conducting investigation on alleged gang rape of a Danish woman in New Delhi.

Authorities said that the 51 year old tourist victim got lost in Paharganj area.

The victim asked a group of men for directions but eventually pointed a knife to her, then robbed, and beaten the woman.

According to police spokesman Rajan Bhagat, the woman was lured to a secluded area where they raped her while pointing the knife.

The woman whose name was not revealed managed to reach her hotel then reported the incident to the police.

Paharganj is a busy backpacker's district in New Delhi and frequently visited by foreigners.

So far, no arrest have been made by the police but stressed they are now questioning several men connected in the crime.

It is the second rape incident registered this month wherein just last week, a Polish woman was allegedly raped by a taxi driver in Indian capital.

In 2013, a massive protest was made in the country due to gang rape incident happened in a bus killing its victim.

Since the December 2012 Delhi gang rape, the country been shocked by reports of brutal rapes of Indian women including the photojournalist raped in broad daylight in Mumbai.

A surge in the number this case has been observed by authorities giving them 1, 330 records of rape victims between January and October 2013.

Meanwhile, Tourism Ministry of India launched last year the "I Respect Women" campaign to assure the safety of women tourist in their country. Said office admits that the scenario threatens the tourism value of India.



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