9 year old girl drowned after attempting to save her dog from the flood

MANILA, Philippines – A nine year old girl from Saint Bernard, Southern Leyte died after drowning for trying to save her dog amidst ravaging water.

Police report said that the victim Alma Lasala of Barangay Cabagawan attempted to rescue her dog that happened to be swept by strong water in the river.

Residents found the bloated body of the victim after many hours in the water.

However, police did not mention what happened to Lasala’s dog.

Meanwhile, about 19 families in said area have been evacuated due to heavy rains battering in Mindanao and Visayas region.

The Low Pressure Area (LPA) has been affecting the Southern Philippines since last week which caused more than 20 deaths.

PAGASA said that the weather disturbance has the possibility to develop into a tropical storm.

Weather bureau alerted residents from affected area particularly in Visayas region.

Eastern Visayas is still recovering after the destruction brought by super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda last November 2013 that killed about 6,100 people.



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