College teacher, sacked after his video scandal with student went viral

MANILA, Philippines – A college teacher in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, distant part of northern Philippines is now facing humiliation after his video scandal with a student went viral.

Reports said that Northern Christian College management decided to sack the teacher whose name was not mentioned due to his video having an intimate moment with a graduating student.

The teacher asked for apology after knowing that the video was posted in pornographic websites.

According to the management of the school, they eventually conducted investigation after receiving such information.

They said that the teacher has undergone due process and personally admitted the whole information regarding the scandal.

School officials stressed that firing the teacher from the school last January 8 was part of the decision of ethics committee after the whole investigation.

Meanwhile, the management warned the involved student in the video that in case proven he uploaded the video, a case will be filed against her.



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