Police ransacked Justin Bieber’s house due to ‘egg attack’ on neighbourhood

LOS ANGELES – Authorities ransacked Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s house in California.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department stressed they were looking for a video from Bieber’s security camera.

The said action of police officers is due to accusations that the singer stoned eggs to his neighbourhood’s house.

Sheriff's Lt. David Thompson said in an interview that the pop singer was sleeping when they arrived. He admitted that Bieber cooperated in searching the video.

However, Thompson said the singer did not give any answers about their queries  regarding egg throwing.

Meanwhile police arrested the rapper Lil Za (Xavier Smith), 20, who happened to be in the place. Confiscated from the rapper’s possession are believed to be ecstacy or Xanax.

So far, Lil Za is out from police custody after bailing $20,000.

Based on TMZ.com interview, Bieber’s “victim” told that the damage of “egg attack” costs "exceeds $400'.

Bieber has allegedly frequently upsets his neighbours due to noisy house parties.



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