Wild tiger kills 3 in India, authorities shut dozens of school

NEW DELHI – Indian authorities conducted a manhunt operation to capture the wild tiger that killed three people this month.

Reports said that the last victim of this animal is a woman who works in a tea plantation in Tamil Nadu state. The incident happened just last week.

Meanwhile, authorities forced to close 45 schools in Nilgris district even resorts in Doddabetta hill for civilian’s safety.

About 150 forest officials and police officers so far are assigned to capture the animal. They use their elephant and sniffer dogs to make it easier for them to hunt the tiger.

District forest officer Thiru Sugirtharaj Koil Pilla said there were only occasional sightings of the tiger in the tea garden making it difficult for them to capture it.

However, conservationists blame some villages in Tamil Nadu for encroaching the natural habitat of tigers. They believe there are several tigers before in the area but never harmed humans.

Records show that about 1,700 tigers live in India but the number declines due to poaching and international smuggling networks.



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