Putin replaces Obama in World’s Most Powerful People

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the new Forbes’ most powerful person after unseating United States of America’s President Barack Obama in number one spot.

Putin replaced Obama as 2013 most powerful and influential based on annual issue by said magazine.

Forbes magazine says that Putin “solidified power after 13 years of dominant rule” while Obama became more of a "lame duck" amid Syria’s civil war and the controversial government shutdown despite his second and final term as US leader.

This is Putin’s first time to top the list while Obama had been on the top for almost every year except in 2010. Hu Jintao, China’s former political and military leader got the number one spot on that year.

The list of Most Powerful People in the World is an annual ranking of state leaders, CEO’s and financiers, NGO chiefs, philanthropists, and billionaires who really made a great impact or influence in the world.

Top Forbes editors are behind the nomination and ranking and measure “the power along four dimensions” of powerful people.

Here’s the list of Forbes’ 2013 top 10 most powerful people:

1.         Russian president Vladimir Putin
2.         US president Barack Obama
3.         Chinese president Xi Jinping
4.         Pope Francis
5.         German chancellor Angela Merkel
6.         Philanthropist Bill Gates
7.         US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke
8.         Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
9.         European Central Bank president Mario Draghi
10.       Wal-Mart CEO Michael Duke

However, British Prime Minister David Cameron falls out from the list as he dropped to 11th spot.

Two years ago, he ranked seventh in the list.

Meanwhile, 13 names hit several spots in 72 people that matter the most.

Aside from Pope Francis, Samsung chairman Lee Kun-Hee is now included in number 41 spot, and South Korean President Park Geun-hye in number 52.



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