9 inmates escape CamSur Jail

PILI, Camarines Sur- Nine inmates of Camarines Sur provincial jail escaped around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, October 30, 2013, authorities said.

In an interview, Jail warden Jose Francisco Musa identified the inmates as follows:
Muriel San Joaquin with carnapping case, Richard Tell who is facing statutory rape; Eugene Porutas, illegal drug possession; Juan Polidario, illegal possession of firearm ; Erwin Capus, illegal drugs; Lloyd Gilford Embile, robbery; Kalim Padillo, frustrated murder; Rolly Cabaltera, rape; and Roland Negrido, with murder case.

These inmates were detained in one cell of said jail in Barangay Tinangis in Pili town, estimated 10 kilometers from Naga City.

Musa said that they discovered the prison break when supervisor Marlon Argarin was doing his scheduled roving and found out that the inmates were missing.

Reports from Pili Municipal Police Station (MPS) stated that inmates escaped after sawing the steel bars of their comfort room.

Pili MPS head Chief Inspector Benjamin Spaña already alarmed provincial police director Senior Superintendent Romero Bausa about the incident.

Jail officers and police immediately conducted profiling of the inmates to gather information about their possible whereabouts while hot pursuit operation is still ongoing. 



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