21 million people watched 2013 Golden Globe Awards – Largest audience for 10 years

LOS ANGELES – The 71st annual Golden Globe Awards considered 2013’s as the largest crowd-puller in decades with almost 21 million people who watched the awards night.

About 20.9 million people watched the telecast of said three-hour awards show held in Beverly Hilton Hotel in California.

Reports from Nielsen Media Research said that the total viewers of annual Golden Globe Awards increased with six percent compared last 2012.

Movie "12 Years a Slave" bagged the most coveted Best Picture in drama category. This is the lone award received by said movie.

Meanwhile, American Hustle, starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, bagged the most award in the ceremony. The movie bagged Best Picture in Comedy category and Best Actor for Drama (Matthew McConaughey).  

Cate Blanchett of Dallas Buyers Club won the Best Actress for "Blue Jasmine" while Alfonso Cuaron is the Best Director trophy for "Gravity".

The Golden Globes is the Hollywood’s kickoff of awards season. It is believed that those who won in this award giving body have also the great chance to rule the Oscar Awards next month.



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