Australia wildfire kills 1, destroys dozens of houses

SYDNEY – A wildfire in Australia left one dead and destroyed 49 households in Perth.

A 62-year-old man died after collapsing on the roof of his home in Hovea. Reports said the victim was believed to be hosing water to protect his house from the blaze of fire.

Authorities said that the wildfire started when an electrical post fell and was intensified by strong wind.

Western Australia fire and emergency services department said that the damage on said incident will definitely increase while the assessment continues.

Hundreds of residents evacuated and according to firefighters, it was hard for them to extinguish the fire.

Almost 300 firefighters continued to fight the fire that damaged about 350 hectares of woodlands since Sunday night.

Officials said it was hard for them to save more houses. Two firefighters were reported to be in the hospital due to heat exhaustion.

Reports showed that Perth experienced heat wave this weekend wherein temperature hit to 40 degrees Celsius.



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