How to Make Money

How to Make Money Making money has been one of the most important concerns of human being especially that major economic change of land...

How to Make Money

Making money has been one of the most important concerns of human being especially that major economic change of landscapes have been in the process. It’s amazing how things would be different for a person if he has enough (or maybe more than enough) money in his possession. When you turn 18, you start hesitating opening your palms to your parents and asking for money. Financial matters start to bog you down. Well, you're not the only one.

I made a quick search on Google Trend if how many people are also searching about the topic on making money. Amazingly, there’s a daily average of at least 50 people around the world searching online about how they can make money.

As curious as you are, we digested two great articles for you! Honestly, I never thought that there are as many ways as this in real life.

Article No. 1 - How to Make Money by WikiHow

This is a very long article about earning extra cash. Some of the ideas are really odd but still bearable and doable.
a.    Selling - The article has mentioned the word “sell” 32 times. Selling is still one of the best ways to earn money. Here are some ideas on selling:

1.   Sell Your Old Stuff
2.   Resell cheap stuff you bought but sell it in a higher price.
3.   Refurbish and sell old stuff around you
4.   Sell Intellectual property and properties with royalty. You can sell your own photo, articles, patented inventions, recordings, songs, and etc as long it is yours.
5.   Create and sell. Create handicrafts, cards, etc., and sell it on Etsy, Ebay, or Amazon.
6.   Sell products from other producer. Sometimes you don’t have to produce anything to sell. You can resell things from other producer.
7.   Sell raw materials. If you have an abundant supply of a raw material needed to produce a product, you can start selling it. An example is the materials being used in crafting handicrafts. If you have hundreds of cones in your backyard, you can sell them and make money out of it.
8.   Sell things from auctions. There is a great chance that you will get a high price for an auctioned property.

b.   Renting/Flipping – This is an amazing way to maximize your own property
1.   Real Estate – If you have a real estate property, consider offering it as a rental space for people.

2.   Investing in property and renting them out. For example books, car, pool, and etc. 

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