How to Make Money Part II

This is the second part on our digest about earning extra cash. If you haven't read yet the first part, Click Here ) a.     Odd bu...

This is the second part on our digest about earning extra cash. If you haven't read yet the first part, Click Here)

a.    Odd but Doable Ways to Make Money:

1.   Rescuing a driftwood to sell and for furniture making
2.   Being the subject of a study. Earn $50/hour or depending to your arrangement.
3.   Be a subject in a medical study.
4.   Be a mystery shopper.
5.   Review a product.
6.   Earn from online and offline surveys
7.   Watch other people’s pet.
8.   You can also run errands for people who needs help.
9.   Use this apps to earn money:
·         Gigwalk
·         Checkpoint
·         Other apps that make money

10.        Be a moving advertisement.
11.        Sell your body parts – hair, sperm, blood, and other parts of the body. Do this with caution.

b.   Starting your Own Business – With the ideas above, you can start your own business. If you don’t like the monetization model mentioned, devise your own plan. Focus on your talent and on the things you are good at. Maybe you’re good at photography or programming. Start on those things. Sell your services and talent or start working on the monetization models mentioned above.
1.   Online publishing + Affiliate Marketing
2.   Start a service business – code for others, design websites, and etc.

This is another unique article to earn money. Here are the ideas from the article:
a.    Sell your Plasma, Sperm, Hair, and Breast Milk
1.   Plasma – at least $35. The process of extraction takes at least 30 mins. You can donate twice a week.
2.   Hair - at least 10 inches lon, Healthy.
3.   Breast milk - still under legal scrutiny. Not recommended

b.   Babysit - Earn at least $15/hour
c.    Sell on Craiglist.com
d.   Returning things you shopped - you have to present your receipts
e.    Sell recyclable material - Scrapping metals, plastics, and other trash you can sell to a junk-shop
f.     Start a business at home. Be creative. Focus on solving a problem and on the things you can do.

Suggestions from the article:
     Part-time service offering (e.g. computer repair)
     Let people rent your estate as a parking space

g.    Do Part-time Job
Suggestions: Work at a fast-food
     Taxi Driver

h.   Create your own product and sell it. Sell on Etsy, Ebay, Craiglist, and etc.

i.     Online Jobs. Try Amazon Mechanical Turk

j.     Garage Sale - Refurbish old items,  do some promotions, network to your neighbors, presell, be kind, sell, and earn

k.   Save money by availing services and goods from outreach programs and social works. Food stamps, free utilities, and other freebies

l.     Apply for temporary works. Show your dedication and skills and you might get a high paying regular job.

m.  Be a subject to medical studies

n.   Offer your house, estate, or room as a rental space.

o.    Sell your Insurance policy

p.   Apply for a Payday Loan

q.    Pawn your stuff

r.    Sell your Sperm - $40 per donation.

s.    Set up your roadside store/stand

t.     Resell your tickets - invest in tickets for awesome shows then resell it for higher price when there is a need for ticket

u.   Scavenging - there is money in garbage

v.    Take the risk in a casino.

Thanks for reading! may you live in wealth :) 




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