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Believe it or not, one of the world’s greatest social skills is Flirting. Many kingdom and power throughout history have been built through...

Believe it or not, one of the world’s greatest social skills is Flirting. Many kingdom and power throughout history have been built through this skill (I suggest you read 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene). Since we are all curious and fascinated by the power of Flirting, we digested some articles for you.

             Basic Dos and Don’ts:

             1. Look into the eye and look away
             2.Watch and Mimic the body language of your target.
             3. Smile
             4. Red lipstick for ladies.

          Advance Technique
             1. Make it subtle.
          2. Make your target think that they're doing the first move but lead them to what you want.
           3. Profile your target. Try to probe facts subtly. For Example, try to know the person by just looking at the  shoe.
             4. Use your intuition.
             5. At first contact/conversation, be nice and friendly.
           6. Don't ask for number if you need to go. If they like you, they will ask for your number.
            7. Greatest secret is eye contact. Make them feel that you're looking into their soul. Make them feel that you're listening and you are interested to what they say.

Article 2. How to Flirt to Show Interest in Someone by Elizabeth Clark from Flirting For Dummies

This article started discussing the idea of flirtation with cautions. As much as possible, they recommend subtlety and cautions in raising the signal or attraction.

             Approaching Someone
  1. Eyebrow flash – Raise your eyebrows quickly to someone you're attracted to.
  2. 4-seconds Glance – Look at your target for four seconds then look away and look back.
  3. Simple Smile – Most attractive feature of a person. Make it genuine. 

           Talking to Someone
  1. Mirror the body language of your target. This means almost copying every gestures and body movement of your target – NOT ALL.
  2. Be mindful of your language, body signals, and seemingly simple demeanor.
  3. Focus on the topics that fancy your target. Be engaged with what they say. Ask questions. Pay attention to what they say.
  4. Be positive and careful with your choice of language. Thinking in a positive way subconsciously influences your body language.

There you have it! Some of the most important tips and tricks on Flirting. We  wish you luck :) 


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