Art of Online Reading by a Nerdy Reader

The Art of Online Reading by a Nerdy Reader It would be banal to talk about the wonders of internet technology as an introduction but u...

The Art of Online Reading by a Nerdy Reader

It would be banal to talk about the wonders of internet technology as an introduction but unfortunately, I couldn't keep myself from stating its blatancy. Well, I am an avid fan of internet. What can you expect from a boy who started his fascination on paperbacks by caressing almost rotting volumes of encyclopedia in his elementary school? Well, thanks to Philippine Government! It was in 2000s already but I was not as privileged as the other kids who could access a computer anytime.

That was how my affair with paperbacks started. I love papers especially if there is anything written on it or more appetizingly if there’s any form of inscription or emboss character on it. I love the smell of paper, its texture (glossy or not), with photos or just plain black and white, and everything about papers with letters. Oh yeah! I am a nerd. No, my I.Q. isn’t shooting up nor I possess a photographic memory. I have this innate predilection and fascination to learning. In my early years of growth, I told myself that I would be forever be enrolled in a university after another and will not stop learning about everything! In my college years, I also devised a plan on how I can continue getting more degrees. That’s LOVE!

Unfortunately as years go by, I've finally grasp the truth that practically this would not be possible at all. I have a family to support. I have work to do. I also have things to work on for myself and for other people. The dilemma is how to reconcile everything that I want as I live and exist in this planet.

Yes, the Internet.

More and more online universities are opening nowadays. What’s so amazing about it is the fact that most of these online universities are not charging anything to their students – Just connect with them online! (I’ll write about this.)

I would admit that though I finally found the answer with problem no. 1, I had difficulties in transitioning from a paperback boy to a screen reader. For the love of knowledge, I’ve conquered it! I enjoy reading online and I would like to share some important pointers that I’ve learned along the way. This is the Art of Online Reading.

1.   Protect Your Eyes. Do your eyes a favor. Protect them while you’re satisfying your lust for knowledge. To improvise, you may use the usual shades. If you want a more customized and scientifically designed glass to protect your eyes, you might want to invest in anti-fatigue glass.

2.   Outline as You Read. This is the secret behind Daily Digital Digest. We outline the articles that we read by copying the important facts and pointers in an article then pasting it in Microsoft OneNote. So, why Microsoft OneNote? Microsoft OneNote lets you automatically copy the links sources of an article in the web. This will help you in constructing your citations of references. Another thing is the drop and drag feature. We are visual learners and we love constructing notes by simply arranging the notes according to its importance then arranging the text into a more organized visual presentation. OneNote is also very appealing for techies. If you have an electronic pen, you can exercise your own handwriting easily on OneNote.



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